Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welfare Reform Would Pave Way For Healthcare Reform

It’s the difference between paper brilliance and the real thing. Barack Obama hasn’t had a good idea since he took office. Most of his ideas to date have been - dare I say it - stupid.
The stimulus will ultimately be one of Obama’s costliest failures, with Cash for Clunkers winning an award for ‘Most Ill-conceived’ but Cap & Trade and Healthcare/Health Insurance/Healthcare/Health Insurance Reform will go down as near misses dashed in the eleventh hour by the voters in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

It has to be clear to every literate American by now that electing Barack Obama was a terrible mistake. I am so proud to be an American. With the greatest honor I could give to this county being the sacrifice of my life to save the President, I just wouldn’t feel the same sense of honor taking a bullet for Barack Obama. Quite honestly, the only reason I’d even consider taking a bullet for Obama would be to save the country from a moment of a Joe Biden presidency.

I have literally grown to despise the person I perceive Barack Obama to be. This part of my rant starts with him bowing and scraping all over the world making apologies for my country. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone in feeling sick all over seeing him dishonor this nation. What he did was the act of a traitor. American Heads of State don’t bow anywhere in the world. We are second to no nation, no sovereignty, no union and no republic. We make no apologies for wars, accidents or things that can not be changed regardless of present day points of view. Barack Obama is not worthy of making an apology for me or for my country.

On some level I have to question the kind of man Obama is. On his first trip to the Middle East, he quivered like a frightened puppy at the sound of a cannon blast. Again, I was ashamed of him and wished at that moment and at this very moment that Barack Obama had never been elected President of the United States. He is becoming our enemy. I could say it a thousand different ways but in the interest of time let me just be clear - we must get Barack Obama out of the Oval Office and out of the White House as soon as is reasonably possible.

While the ‘taxpaying’ portion of the American Electorate runs the clock out on the Obama Presidency at the ballot box and a ‘fiscally responsible’ congress is hired to stop the reckless spending in Washington, now is a perfect time to advance some reforms designed to reduce the debt load on taxpayers resulting from entitlements. A reform of the current welfare system would trim tens of billions of dollars from the federal budget, drastically reduce teen and young adult pregnancies while putting an incalculable dent in crime across the country.

The process would start with taking the profit out of simply breeding babies. Working people have little time to notice this little debt black hole but taxpayers pay a heavy price for every low or no income illegitimate child born in this country each year. We actually pay cash money to the irresponsible parent to raise the child they brought into the world. These offspring grow into adulthood either destined for poverty, crime, drugs, more breeding or some combination thereof. What makes no sense is that we, as taxpayers, willingly allow our money to be spent to subsidize the breeding of human debt. Removing the financial incentive for having welfare babies will reduce the number of welfare babies.

Low and no-income mothers can continue to conceive babies with any Tom, Dick or Harry but if the mother can’t pay any and all hospital delivery charges and produce proof of an ability to support the child at the time of her discharge, the baby will stay briefly at the hospital and then be immediately placed into federal foster care where the infant can be legally adopted by a federally approved family. If the mother (and father) want to assume custody of the child prior to its being assigned for disposition by a federal magistrate, all monies for delivery services must paid in full and an approved source(s) of income absent government assistance must be substantiated and approved before the child is ever released to the parents. Support your child or relinquish it so the government can do the job but don’t expect to be paid by the government to raise your own kids.

As soon as this federal welfare regulation takes effect in 2012, suddenly Sally Sue isn’t so sure she wants to assume financial responsibility for the child she might conceive with a man she knows to be useless. Sally Sue will no longer give birth to a government supported baby to take home. No government ATM card, no free rent, no free healthcare - no free anything. Either pay for the children born after a certain date or surrender government supported children to the people that are paying for them. Simple.

Identify orphaned babies anywhere in world and out of nowhere baby craving couples show up with money and hope. The earth creviced mightily in Haiti and the devastation left countless dead and thousands orphaned. Couples desperate enough to adopt a Haitian baby should be willing to adopt any child born in the U.S. I don’t think much of Haiti, its animal sacrificing religions, its crooked government or its grimy people. You couldn’t give me a Haitian baby or convince me that there’s a Haitian alive that I’d want living in my neighborhood. Ask Miami residents if they ever want to see another Haitian. They are bad news and always have been.

Now comes our Emperor offering up $100 Billion to a country and a culture not worth a 1/10 of that amount of money. If this guarantee is a part of Obama’s plan to redistribute our wealth to the Haitians, he‘s a bigger liability to America than once thought. I object to the spending of one dime more than is needed to clear debris, bury the dead, build a few thousand huts, a few schools, hospitals and stores. At that point, call it a day and leave them with the same lives they had before.

If his grand gesture of financial support was more an effort to show up George Bush over the Katrina response, someone needs to let Mr. Obama know we’re over what happened in New Orleans. The savages that preyed on fellow storm victims in the Super Dome and their relative savages who victimized every city that rolled out a welcome mat are the same type people in Haiti that will pocket most of our $100 Billion. Stop payment on the $100B, level the damaged buildings, erect huts better than the ones they were living in before, modernize a few hospitals, build a few decent stores, some schools and pull up stakes.

I’m not advocating the abolishment of aid around the world or entitlements at home but instead, demanding that every tax dollar given to an individual, organization or country be accounted for and reviewed annually. If payments are made for the support of dependent children, amounts should be adjusted by school performance and classroom comportment. Food stamps and other food subsidies should not be transferable, not negotiated for cash or used to purchase unauthorized goods. Residences subsidized by tax dollars should be available for routine inspection by appropriate authorities. These new more stringent regulations will apply to domestic entitlements but should also be used to reshape spending abroad.

It was likely a ‘liberal minded’ individual that decided the poor need to be given money, food and lodging to make America a better place. They were wrong. If you don’t want to work or you refuse to work and are able to work, you should suffer the consequences of hunger and homelessness right here in America. If you then find your initiative but find it on the wrong side of the law, get caught, charged and convicted… come on down. We’ve got some work for you to do. I’m not talking about collecting trash along a highway. I’m talking about whatever type work the government might need up to and including the frontline of any war we may be fighting.

This last idea is a favorite of most Right Thinking Black Americans I know. If a man won’t work, contributes only to the national debt by reproducing babies he won’t support and consistently can’t find the right side of the law - send him directly to boot camp from the lock-up. Crime will drop, pregnancies will drop, folks will work or starve, the armed services will be fortified and more of our tax dollars can stay in the treasury or better yet back in our pockets where all good tax dollars should go.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can start woofing about proposed welfare initiatives now and get a jump on the race baiting they’ll both try to promote and profit from when Barack Obama is voted out of office in 2012. The real joke is that anyone still bothers listening to either of these clowns. Jackson is still lying about his role in the aftermath of the King assassination and Sharpton has been a lying sack of goo since the Tawana Brawley charade. Still, their whining will have to be dealt with but taking the profit out of breeding debt and getting useless male sloth off the street will make the Jackson/Sharpton blather a minor annoyance easily dismissed. They have little or no real influence among the literate anyway.

So far, what have we done? Established a few hard rules for the nation’s government dependents, created thousands of societal service jobs across the country, revoked cash handouts to those who neither earn nor vote and replaced their handouts with a motivation to earn for survival. Adult non-working, non-law abiding males are now routinely incarcerated to a battlefield of the government’s choosing. Piece of cake.

The beauty of this plan is that it could be pushed through congress with bi-partisan support because taxpaying, campaign contributing voters would overwhelmingly support the overhaul of several welfare entitlement programs. If the effort saves billions of wasted handout dollars, those savings can be applied to paying down the national debt and making healthcare affordable for those needing to purchase it. We must, while reducing healthcare costs, remain steadfast in our resolve that it is not government’s job to take care of us unless we’re unable to take care of ourselves.

I won’t be so bold as to claim brilliance for myself or my theory of ‘welfare reform’ but what I can say with certainty is that this type reform would set the stage for a belt tightening that would dramatically reduce perilously high deficits. The problem with Barack Obama’s brilliance on the economy, the presidency or anything else is that his is paper brilliance; lacking in practical value. In other words, his paper brilliance is useless and is the reason that absolutely nothing he has tried, especially healthcare reform, has been successful. The lies now being told to explain the failings of his administration are laughable and his party is bailing out on him as fast as pressers can be scheduled. Instead of delivering brilliance, Mr. Obama has become a cancer of sorts on his party and the country for that matter.

As he concludes his great four year reign as King of America, Barack Obama will take credit for rescuing the country from the brink of a second “Great Depression” while fighting the poor, dumb, ignorant, bible thumping, gun totin’ American People over healthcare reform and personally saving or creating millions upon millions of paper jobs borne of his brilliance. I could pen another 100,000 words describing how little practical brilliance Barack Obama has but some hindsight brilliance of my own may lend more credibility to the conclusion of this blog rant.

Just after the passage of the stimulus spendulus bill is when Barack Obama needed the benefit of real brilliance. Instead of turning the healthcare reform bill process over to his own party in the persons of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, he should have let Reid & Pelosi rally the Dems while he huddled with Republicans John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Instead of reminding the minority that they lost, throw your arm around them and escort them into your confidence. Hear their ideas. Tell them it’ll take miraculous bi-partisanship on their parts if passage of healthcare reform was even possible. Let Boehner and McConnell report to the press the results of talks directly with the POTUS!

Boehner nor McConnell could have objected to the meetings and given an apparent willingness on the part of the President to confer one on one with the minority would have cemented his brilliance as an alliance builder. In my hypothetical, 44s PR machine would have labeled him the genius able to single-handedly affect bi-partisan solutions to major problems needing immediate attention.

Speaking little in discussions with both sides other than to express an interest in potential solutions from varying viewpoints would have enabled Obama to allow the brilliance of others to shine. This is what the old guys called leadership. At some point in the process, bi-partisan consensus on healthcare reform would have been reached by the normal give and take. The two parties would find a way to resolve their differences at one table with the door locked behind them. Even absent a solid agreement, a modified bill could have passed both houses of congress and been signed by the President had both sides agreed on a good faith bi-partisan effort at the outset.

There! Brilliance in a few long paragraphs. Issues that ultimately smothered Obamacare to death are mitigated and converted into advantages using a more tactful and proven approach. Experience you don’t get as a community organizer. By locking Republicans out of the negotiations they clamored to be included in, the Democrats affectively locked out the American People and created a bad situation unnecessarily. The Dems may have discussed nothing more important than the horrible season the Redskins were having while being camped out in their closed door sessions.

Those highly publicized closed door healthcare reform negotiations may have enabled the Democratic Leadership to get to know each other better but irreparable damage to the reform effort had already been done. When healthcare reform dies a quiet death, the Dems will have been their own worst enemy and Barack Obama will have missed an opportunity to lead his party and his country brilliantly. An opportunity he’ll not likely be trusted with ever again.

I doubted that Barack Obama ever had the brilliance to affect worthwhile change before his campaign ever began. He impresses me as a phony person, with a phony smile and a hidden personality. He is covering some shortcoming that would explain his poor job performance. Obama will likely not be capable of handling the Presidency effectively even after his four years in office are over. He will, however, be able to eloquently read from his teleprompters why the people around him failed to get him re-elected. Then he’ll take responsibility for the shortcomings of the people he hand selected. Even in defeat his brilliance is predictable.

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